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Sex Drug for Women — Should it be approved?

Is it a miracle drug for women, or is it really just a poor woman’s viagra? Continue reading

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Now We Can’t Even Take Tylenol?

I’ve long believed there is a conspiracy to hold pregnant women down. We can’t have wine even though fabulous European women are having perfect pregnancies and babies with corkscrew in hand. We can’t eat sushi despite the fact the Japanese … Continue reading

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Women’s Health — 5 Ways to Look 10 pounds lighter

No time to exercise and you love food and wine? Me too! Instead of actually losing the weight, according to a past article in Women’s Health, you can look 10 pounds thinner just by wearing the right clothes. This is great … Continue reading

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Party Pants for 2014

I am usually a little late to the trend party, which works perfectly for me because I hate paying full price for my clothes. I have just recently jumped on the patterned pant parade, and it is kind of fun. … Continue reading

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Pre-menopausal Heavy Bleeding

I took a couple of weeks off, but I can be silent no longer. Someone has to address the red elephant in the bathroom. It’s like we are in 7th grade again — everyone is dealing with it, but no … Continue reading

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Beauty – the greatest time and money suck of all time

When are we going to address the great female oppressor? I am not talking about men or our children. By oppressor, I mean the ongoing quest for beauty and youth. Female maintenance is spiraling out of control. Not only is … Continue reading

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Women and Heart Disease Take 2

I have spent the last 24 hours waiting to keel over with my first heart attack. I am exhausted, but then again we got back from a family vacation moments before hosting 40 people for Thanksgiving. I have insomnia, but … Continue reading

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Heart Disease and Women

Did you know the stethoscope was invented to maintain a woman’s modesty? True. Before the advent of this signature doctor’s instrument, physicians would simply place their ear directly on a patient’s chest. You could see where this could create a … Continue reading

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