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Exercise – Try something new

Whoa!  I hate to complain (not really) but I have had a terrible week.  On Tuesday night, I was thinking about exercise week and realized that my mild, yet consistent, work-out regimen over the past few months may have strengthened … Continue reading

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Exercise – Tried and True

I took a walk this morning, a good old-fashioned walk, at a brisk pace.  I feel pretty good about that.  No, it probably won’t have me “bathing suit ready” by summer, but in addition to optimism, I am working on … Continue reading

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Exercise – from the professionals

I went to my high school reunion this weekend.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, since I was unable to make any of the previous ones — seems I came down with a bad case of pregnancy every five years … Continue reading

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Optimism at its best

I survived!  I was sore all over, I was tired, I may have been slightly hungover and still, I made it through another crazy interval training session.  It was truly something to behold.  Granted, I cheated several times when the … Continue reading

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How to look on the bright side of things …

My husband works out at one of these crazy interval training places.  He sets the alarm for 4:30 in the morning and actually gets out of bed without hitting snooze.  Then, he tortures himself for an hour before work.  He … Continue reading

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Why do optimistic people live longer?

The simple answer is that they want to.  If you ask a roomful of people if they want to live until they are 100, the ones who raise their hands instantly are the optimists.  Lots of people will raise their … Continue reading

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Optimism and your health

I am in such a good mood today.  This is so unlike me on a Monday but the snow has all melted.  The sun is shining and I am coming off one of my most enjoyable entries since I started … Continue reading

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Tips for the disorganized

I am reading a great book right now.  It is the first book I have ever read on parenting.  Last weekend, I had to clean my twin boys’ room  after one of them (we’ll call him Twin A)  got his … Continue reading

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