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Now We Can’t Even Take Tylenol?

I’ve long believed there is a conspiracy to hold pregnant women down. We can’t have wine even though fabulous European women are having perfect pregnancies and babies with corkscrew in hand. We can’t eat sushi despite the fact the Japanese … Continue reading

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Have a Holly, Healthy Christmas

Mary really should’ve planned the birth of her son a little better. The busiest time of the year is also the germiest (not a real word). The only thing that can ruin your Christmas faster than a maxed credit card, … Continue reading

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Knowing Your Family History

I did a segment for ABC News Now yesterday morning on family history and the importance of knowing yours. On the way home from the city, I called my grandmother to check in. My grandmother is 94 years old and … Continue reading

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Beauty being only skin deep …

I had a lot of time two nights ago to contemplate the last topic on YesFive.  My son wanted to party all night.  After listening to him scream for his brother to wake up for 1/2 hour, I knew from … Continue reading

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Aging skin care – what not to do

The miraculous appearance of the sun breaking through the clouds above my hometown has me thinking of summer.  Summer has me thinking of schedule-less mornings with kids underfoot, freezing cold Chardonnay with a sprinkle of sand, lazy-hazy days with frequent … Continue reading

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Aging Skin

Today is my birthday, not that I am proud of it, but it is the anniversary of the day I was born nonetheless.  While we age minute by minute, we get older year by year.  Not that I mind.  Life … Continue reading

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Maintaining Healthy Joints

Does anyone else feel like I’ve been talking about joints forever?  The saddest part is that still, no one has gotten high.  Maybe I can at least blame my increased appetite on this topic.  In true college style, I have … Continue reading

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Prayer and your health

I don’t know if it was divine intervention that kept us alive on Saturday but I also don’t know that it wasn’t.  At noon, I tore myself away from the azure waters of Turks and Caicos, dreading the hassle of … Continue reading

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