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Fight Memory Loss

Don’t take memory loss lying down. Continue reading

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Read This Before You Get Pregnant Again

How long should you wait between babies? There is actually a well-researched answer. Continue reading

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Parenting Tip: Pretend Your Child is Someone Else’s

The connectedness between mother and child is wonderfully intense, but it can get in the way of rational thinking and common sense. It works both ways. It can make us feel unreasonably accountable for our children’s mistakes. And, it sometimes puts on us blinders, so we can’t see our own child’s faults and shortcomings. Continue reading

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Too Good to be True? Beer that makes you look younger

Can ingesting collagen in a beer really improve your appearance? Continue reading

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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in the News

Know the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning and learn how to prevent it in the first place. Protect yourself and your family. Continue reading

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Good News for Parents of Kids with Celiac Disease

After two family members were diagnosed with celiac disease last year, I took inventory of my own physical complaints. While mild and manageable, they matched up with symptoms typical of a gluten intolerance. I tested the diagnosis by giving up gluten, … Continue reading

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Ovarian Cancer — the Silent Killer … or is it?

Are the symptoms of ovarian cancer silent or are we ignoring them? A little awareness can save your life. Pass this on to the women you love. Continue reading

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Health Week in Review — March 2nd

Last week’s health news in about 3 minutes … everything from llamas to the dress debate to winter blues. Continue reading

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