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Sleep Apnea in Children

Parenting today is much more difficult than it was a generation ago. In addition to the crippling rule about not hitting our kids, we have to contend with more advice, purchase more gear and the worst, worry about more medical … Continue reading

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Xanax & more on the addiction that possibly killed Whitney Houston

Mother’s little helper? Obviously, as Ms. Houston’s daughter can attest, not always. Sometimes it is mother’s little destructor. In the sixties, valium, one of the first benzodiazepine’s was a breakthrough drug. It was used to treat anxiety, seizures, alcohol withdrawal … Continue reading

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It is 4:20pm. I am having a typical day. Big kids are all at after-school stuff. One little guy sleeping, the other sitting on my lap getting spinach hummus all over my keyboard. Forgive any typos today, he’s not that … Continue reading

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Are your kids getting enough sleep?

It is official. The inmates are running the asylum. As the summer draws to an end, all hell has broken loose in my world. My children have turned mad, and have turned on me. I cannot get the sand out … Continue reading

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How to look less tired …

As I get older, only two things are getting easier: 1.  Saying what I think and 2. Getting tired.  It is getting less and less funny that I seem to be stricken with whatever it is I am writing about. … Continue reading

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I get lots of calls from family members about health problems and it makes me so happy when I can help them or at least, point them in the right direction.  My 93 year old grandmother complains to me about … Continue reading

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Sleep – that beautiful, evasive sweet slumber

Whoever coined the term, “slept like a baby” was either an idiot or never met a baby.  I was up with one of mine last night for absolutely no reason except that he wanted some company.  I finally got him … Continue reading

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Live and let…

I have been catching a lot of heat for this week’s topic.  No one wants to talk about fat and for some reason, my skinniest friends think I am talking about them.  We are a culture obsessed with our weight … Continue reading

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