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How long will you live?

How long do you, in fact, want to live?  Life expectancy in the U.S. and other developed countries has increased over the past decades, due in large part to ever-advancing medical interventions.  While the U.S. ranks 36th for its average … Continue reading

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Risk for dementia and prevention

Before I get into risk and prevention, it seems I have lost November.  Does anyone know where I might have put it?  I know that I have an uncanny knack for misplacing things but this is ridiculous.  I am having … Continue reading

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Flu vaccine – who, what, why, when, where

SWINE FLU – ahhhhhhh!!!  Remember? The panic that ensued was, I think, more because of the name than because of the illness.  When I diagnosed swine flu in my patients, they looked as if I had just told them they … Continue reading

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