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Panic Attacks

Yesterday, we talked about the power of prayer.  Today, let’s talk about what you do when you don’t believe in the power of prayer – panic.  Very few are blessed with unwavering faith, which would definitely come in handy in … Continue reading

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Travel and your health

I am not afraid of flying but I am irrationlly afraid of making my flight.  My husband has learned, by this point in our travel history, to not mess with me on the mornings we leave.  By not mess with … Continue reading

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Pain and your mind

The biggest problem with accepting psychosomatic pain is that it starts with the term ‘psycho‘.  Conjuring up images of bloody shower scenes is probably not the best way to get someone to accept that their pain may be at least … Continue reading

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Don’t forget to worry …

Just like thinking a headache is a brain tumor and a pang of nausea is a pregnancy, it is easy to think that a lapse in your memory is a sign of Alzheimer’s Disease.  Yesterday, my five year old left … Continue reading

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Memory Loss

Before I address forgetfulness, let me tell you what a complete idiot I am.  If you have been playing along at home, you know that the week of November 15th was Get Healthy week and last week was Get Happy … Continue reading

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Don’t worry, be happy

Easy for me to say.  I am on a beautiful island, where the only thing bluer than the sea is the sky and the only thing the flows more beautifully than the waterfalls is the Chardonnay.  Even in paradise though, … Continue reading

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Be Patient

For years, I have proudly lived by the mantra, “Do what I say, not what I do.”  At a fork in the road of life, I always knew which path was the correct one but I usually chose the one … Continue reading

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Prescription for stress

If you have read the last three days of the Stress blog, I hope that you are duly concerned (but not so concerned that it stresses you out more) about what your life is doing to your body.  How do … Continue reading

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