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Hurry Up and RELAX!

My husband made me an appointment for a massage and facial last weekend. This means one of two things. Either, he is having an affair, and the guilt prompted the call to the spa, or, my stress is beginning to … Continue reading

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Synthetic Marijuana

As if artificial sugar, artificial turf and artificial friends weren’t enough, we now have to worry about our kids and artificial marijuana. This intriguing and very dangerous drug which, until recently, was legally sold in gas stations and convenience stores, … Continue reading

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Xanax & more on the addiction that possibly killed Whitney Houston

Mother’s little helper? Obviously, as Ms. Houston’s daughter can attest, not always. Sometimes it is mother’s little destructor. In the sixties, valium, one of the first benzodiazepine’s was a breakthrough drug. It was used to treat anxiety, seizures, alcohol withdrawal … Continue reading

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It is 4:20pm. I am having a typical day. Big kids are all at after-school stuff. One little guy sleeping, the other sitting on my lap getting spinach hummus all over my keyboard. Forgive any typos today, he’s not that … Continue reading

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Have a Holly, Healthy Christmas

Mary really should’ve planned the birth of her son a little better. The busiest time of the year is also the germiest (not a real word). The only thing that can ruin your Christmas faster than a maxed credit card, … Continue reading

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What Stress Can Do To You

I love my husband — usually. However, when I am at my most crazed, he likes to throw out a seemingly harmless, “Don’t stress. It will all get done.” It is at these moments that I must fight the urge … Continue reading

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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like STRESS-mas!!

Last night I couldn’t breathe. Enough oxygen was getting to my lungs to keep me conscious, but I really could not catch my breath. I don’t have asthma, I’m not sick and I certainly wasn’t coming off the treadmill. It is … Continue reading

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Cold Sores

I am going to go stock up on Abreva and cover-up as soon as I finish this entry. I have never gotten a cold sore but it seems I always come down with a bad case of whatever it is … Continue reading

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