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To Cleanse or Not to Cleanse …

At first pass, a cleanse sounds like a good idea. After all, I have been abusing my gastrointestinal system with fried food, chocolate and dairy. To make matters worse, I have been washing this all down with diet coke and … Continue reading

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Your heart and exercise

February is a fantastic month to fall back in love … with yourself. I say back in love, because I have a couple of two year olds, and they are a shining reminder of all that is egocentric in this … Continue reading

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Anorexia Nervosa

As I mentioned yesterday, my childhood experience with anorexia nervosa was based on an ABC after-school special.  Come to think about it, ABC introduced me to a lot of age-inappropriate topics.   I would run home from Kindergarten (uphill of … Continue reading

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Exercise – Try something new

Whoa!  I hate to complain (not really) but I have had a terrible week.  On Tuesday night, I was thinking about exercise week and realized that my mild, yet consistent, work-out regimen over the past few months may have strengthened … Continue reading

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Exercise – Tried and True

I took a walk this morning, a good old-fashioned walk, at a brisk pace.  I feel pretty good about that.  No, it probably won’t have me “bathing suit ready” by summer, but in addition to optimism, I am working on … Continue reading

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Exercise – from the professionals

I went to my high school reunion this weekend.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, since I was unable to make any of the previous ones — seems I came down with a bad case of pregnancy every five years … Continue reading

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Nutrition Day 4 – Reading food labels

How funny is this cartoon?  As much as I hate mean people, that is how much I love funny people.  I have to get right down to it today.  Ironically, I have to go into the city to take my … Continue reading

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Exercising and the aging body

I won’t waste your valuable time discussing how good exercise is for your heart and your weight.  You don’t need to hear again how it decreases your risk for all kinds of disease including but not limited to cardiovascular disease, … Continue reading

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