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Add Avocado … for your health

In honor of Cinco de Mayo and my favorite Mexican dish, guacamole, let me tell you why you should and how you can increase your family’s intake of avocados. 1. Avocados are rich in “good fat” which can lower your … Continue reading

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How Much Caffeine are You Drinking?

The other day, I was answering health questions for employees. As they are, in general, a young and fit group, I was unsure the kind of questions I would be fielding. I had all my sex, drugs and rock and roll … Continue reading

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After School Snacks … the good and the bad

Do you ever feel parenthood is a continuous loop of feeding schedules? First breast or bottle — when did they last eat? The baby is crying. Is he hungry? Should I start solid food? Then, they get bigger and you … Continue reading

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Five Tips To Help You Drink More Water

You already know you should be drinking more water. It is good for your skin, your metabolism and your digestive system. It also helps satiate hunger, so it is great for weight loss. Even knowing the benefits, a diet coke … Continue reading

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B is For Brown Rice with Black Beans and Beets

My original plan was to make brown rice with black beans, beets, broccoli, and brussel sprouts. But, that was way too over the top. So, I decided to take away the broccoli and brussel sprouts. I went to the store … Continue reading

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A is for Apple/Apricot Smoothie

                  written by: Madelyn, age 12 My idea for today was to do an Apple/Apricot smoothie. When I went to the store, they didn’t have apricots, so I had to be creative. … Continue reading

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To Cleanse or Not to Cleanse …

At first pass, a cleanse sounds like a good idea. After all, I have been abusing my gastrointestinal system with fried food, chocolate and dairy. To make matters worse, I have been washing this all down with diet coke and … Continue reading

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Are Vitamins Actually Bad For You?

I am going to put hormones on hold for a day — if only it were that easy in real life! I was asked to speak this morning on GMA Health, about a study that was released in the Archives … Continue reading

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