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Make the Most of Your Massage

Massages are wonderful and great for healing … but they are expensive. Make sure you make the most of yours! Continue reading

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Cramps in Your Legs and Feet

With the World Cup in full swing (GO U.S.A.!!), we will be witnessing lots of physically fit, strong men get taken down by a leg cramp. I am sympathetic. When I was enormously pregnant with my first child, I woke … Continue reading

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Urinary incontinence in women

Today’s topic provides just one more piece of evidence that God is, indeed a man. As if it is not bad enough we have to get fat and give up wine and sushi for nine months, reproducing also leaves us … Continue reading

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Introducing Annoying Things 101

I know by the title you think I am going to talk about my kids.  Actually, in the summer they are much less annoying.  As it turns out, it is more their ridiculous schedules than their mere presence that makes … Continue reading

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Maintaining Healthy Joints

Does anyone else feel like I’ve been talking about joints forever?  The saddest part is that still, no one has gotten high.  Maybe I can at least blame my increased appetite on this topic.  In true college style, I have … Continue reading

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Age-related joint changes and osteoarthritis

I visited my grandparents today.  At almost 99 years old, my grandfather knows every stat for every baseball player, does his own banking and can still drive my grandmother crazy.  He remembers the names of my children, which is more … Continue reading

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Simply Joints

For some reason, I had a very hard time coming up with a topic for this week.  I think I have blogger’s block.  Usually something happens in my life that inspires me.  This week, as always, a lot happened.  But, … Continue reading

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