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To Cleanse or Not to Cleanse …

At first pass, a cleanse sounds like a good idea. After all, I have been abusing my gastrointestinal system with fried food, chocolate and dairy. To make matters worse, I have been washing this all down with diet coke and … Continue reading

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Women and Heart Disease Take 2

I have spent the last 24 hours waiting to keel over with my first heart attack. I am exhausted, but then again we got back from a family vacation moments before hosting 40 people for Thanksgiving. I have insomnia, but … Continue reading

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Heart Disease and Women

Did you know the stethoscope was invented to maintain a woman’s modesty? True. Before the advent of this signature doctor’s instrument, physicians would simply place their ear directly on a patient’s chest. You could see where this could create a … Continue reading

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TMJD – Temporomandibular Joint Disorders

I have a dental phobia. Either I was orally tortured in a previous life, or I am scarred from the scary, old guy my mom took me to when I was a kid. Either way, I would rather give birth … Continue reading

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Cancer – Don’t Let it Scare You Silly

The days may drag, but the years fly by. It feels like a week ago that I was scrambling to get my three kids into costume with an enormous pregnant belly in the way. Wasn’t it only a couple of … Continue reading

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Pollution and Your Health

To celebrate a friend’s fortieth birthday, I spent this past weekend in the beautiful state of Montana. There, I split my time between taking in the champagne and taking in the view. The bubbly was good but the air was … Continue reading

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What is a concussion?

Concussion is one of those medical terms that gets tossed around like a salad.  I especially appreciate when someone hits his head, is bleeding like he was in a gun fight and the most pressing question is, “Does he have … Continue reading

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Heart Disease and Cardiac Arrest

My plan was to write about arrhythmias today.  Then, I went for a run.   A friend of mine just sent me some information about a bi-athaolon comprised of a 2 mile run and a 10 mile bike ride and … Continue reading

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