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TMJD – Temporomandibular Joint Disorders

I have a dental phobia. Either I was orally tortured in a previous life, or I am scarred from the scary, old guy my mom took me to when I was a kid. Either way, I would rather give birth … Continue reading

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What is a concussion?

Concussion is one of those medical terms that gets tossed around like a salad.  I especially appreciate when someone hits his head, is bleeding like he was in a gun fight and the most pressing question is, “Does he have … Continue reading

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Headache Tip

Keeping a Headache Diary is one of the best ways to figure out what is causing your headaches.  Even if you are not planning on seeing a doctor, keeping a log of what you eat, drink, how much you sleep … Continue reading

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Quiet down!

I thought it would be fun to finish out the week with five things that give me a headache.  I was tempted to just write my kids’ names, but that will cost me thousands in therapy down the road.  As … Continue reading

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When to worry

I am a chronic non-worrier until I worry.  When that happens, get out of my way.  Nine times out of ten when my husband is a little late, I barely look at the clock.  The other 10% of the time, … Continue reading

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Take two aspirin and call me in the…

If I ever find a genie bottle and I get three wishes, the first will be, “Genie, please send me a magic pill.”  The other two are private.  How I would love to have a magic pill so that I … Continue reading

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Just because it quacks, doesn’t mean it’s a duck..

Just because your head hurts, doesn’t mean you have a migraine.  A migraine is a very specific type of headache.  According to the brain surgeons, who I suppose would know, there are about 150 different headache diagnoses.  Luckily this blog … Continue reading

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It is giving me a headache…

What is giving you a headache?  It can be just about anything.  A headache is defined by any pain in your head – duh.  It can be a primary headache, like a tension or migraine headache which are often brought … Continue reading

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