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How to Have a Happy Healthy Holiday

You simply do NOT have time to get sick right now. Here’s how to feel better and stay well. Continue reading

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Parents: How Worried Should You Be About Enterovirus D68?

I picked my five kids up at their schools today, and the car was unusually quiet. On any other day, they are fighting for my attention, speaking over each other and generally rowdy with pent up energy from sitting in … Continue reading

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Flu vaccine – who, what, why, when, where

SWINE FLU – ahhhhhhh!!!  Remember? The panic that ensued was, I think, more because of the name than because of the illness.  When I diagnosed swine flu in my patients, they looked as if I had just told them they … Continue reading

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The all Too Common Cold

Do you remember the scene in Reality Bites where Winona Ryder’s character is on an interview and can’t come up with the definition of irony?  (If you ask me, this was the least of her problems.  Her biggest mistake was … Continue reading

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Baby It’s Cold Outside

Happy November!  I am doubting that my little blog has gone viral, so I am assuming that, like me, you are all in the the Northeast and are cold today.  I opened my door this morning underdressed and unprepared for … Continue reading

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