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Pollution and Your Health

To celebrate a friend’s fortieth birthday, I spent this past weekend in the beautiful state of Montana. There, I split my time between taking in the champagne and taking in the view. The bubbly was good but the air was … Continue reading

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Live and let…

I have been catching a lot of heat for this week’s topic.  No one wants to talk about fat and for some reason, my skinniest friends think I am talking about them.  We are a culture obsessed with our weight … Continue reading

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When to worry

I am a chronic non-worrier until I worry.  When that happens, get out of my way.  Nine times out of ten when my husband is a little late, I barely look at the clock.  The other 10% of the time, … Continue reading

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There is HOPE.

My head is spinning.  I have been researching research and it must be said that there are some really, really smart people out there.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that my own brain has shrunk with each … Continue reading

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Cancer Prevention

You have seen the headlines, you have heard the TV reporters.  “X and Y  found to cause cancer!” and ” Z found to fight cancer.”  You will read on and direct your attention so that you can know what to … Continue reading

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Cancer Treatment

After receiving the devastating news of a cancer diagnosis, the first  two questions are usually, “What do I do about it?”  and “Is it going to kill me?”  Fortunately, for lots of patients, the answers to these questions have gotten … Continue reading

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Skin Cancer

As a kid, I often went to Rockaway Beach.  We would pile in the car (no seat belts) roll down the windows and cruise (in Queens, you cruise) down Woodhaven Boulevard all the way to the ocean.  My mom would … Continue reading

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Ovarian Cancer

If you read YesFive last week, you know that for me, this is the one that sends chills down my spine.   Like carbon monoxide, think of it as the silent killer.  There are no accepted screening tests, it presents with very … Continue reading

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