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How to Have a Happy Healthy Holiday

You simply do NOT have time to get sick right now. Here’s how to feel better and stay well. Continue reading

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Ebola — It is Here. Now What?

This is a serious topic. I’ve narrowed down what you need to know about the Ebola virus now that it is so close to home. Continue reading

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Texan Tick on a Rampage?

My daughter’s fifth grade class had an overnight encampment last week, and of course, hovering moms that we are, there were many concerns. Would they be warm enough, would they have enough to eat, would they be safe out in … Continue reading

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Don’t Get Sick This Spring

Almost everyone I know is suffering from some kind of ailment. For starters,  because of the freezing winter, it is a terrible allergy season. All the pollen popped at once. but, on top of that, there are some wicked viruses … Continue reading

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So, It’s Strep — why do we care?

When I was growing up, my mother was consistently kind, loving and patient. She was also consistently insensitive to physical ailment. A gushing wound was just a scratch. A throbbing headache was met with, “Everyone gets some aches and pains … Continue reading

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Have a Holly, Healthy Christmas

Mary really should’ve planned the birth of her son a little better. The busiest time of the year is also the germiest (not a real word). The only thing that can ruin your Christmas faster than a maxed credit card, … Continue reading

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Feeding a Cold – What to eat for a speedy recovery

I spent the whole weekend wallowing in my misery. I had a cold. While, for others, I always think this is a poor excuse for staying in, I hypocritically let this one take over my life. Picture lots of nasally … Continue reading

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Salmonella Food Poisoning

I mentioned last week that I was going to do “Weird Things Your Kids Do and when you should worry” this week. I will start tomorrow. I spent the weekend trying to ignore my kids. I will have to pay … Continue reading

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