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Concussion and Schoolwork

Today, Pediatrics released the results of a study which looked at academic performance in kids recovering from concussion. They looked at 349 students ages 5 -18 who had suffered a concussion. Not surprisingly, children who were still symptomatic from a … Continue reading

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Children and Accidents

Now that I spilled my heart out yesterday – thank you for letting me use Yes Five as my personal therapy couch – here are some actual facts about children and accidents. Everyone worries about his or her kids getting … Continue reading

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Yes, it is a concussion – now what?

What should happen when a concussion diagnosis is suspected or has been established?  Imagine, the best player on the team hits her head and the coaching staff has to decide when she can return to the competition.  It is not … Continue reading

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Concussion – in a game situation

I make no secret that I think there is too great an emphasis placed on kids’ sports.  While I do think children are over scheduled, my criticism is strictly self-serving.  I resent having to keep track of all the practices … Continue reading

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What is a concussion?

Concussion is one of those medical terms that gets tossed around like a salad.  I especially appreciate when someone hits his head, is bleeding like he was in a gun fight and the most pressing question is, “Does he have … Continue reading

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