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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in the News

Know the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning and learn how to prevent it in the first place. Protect yourself and your family. Continue reading

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Stand Up for Better Health

New study reinforces the importance of getting up and moving around during the day. Continue reading

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Is Chlorine Harmful?

In my neighborhood, swim season has begun. Most swimming pools are still covered with a green pollen dusting, but the kids are diving right in anyway. Pool service companies are out in full force, doing whatever it is they do … Continue reading

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Swimming Pool Dangers

If you think November is a strange time to write about swimming, you don’t know where I went last week. My kids had a five day weekend because of a New Jersey teacher’s convention. A moment of weakness combined with … Continue reading

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Lead Poisoning

I went to a yoga/life coaching seminar today. I’ve always wanted to see if I would be a good therapy patient. I came up with this very decisive answer — maybe. I have things I’d like someone to work through … Continue reading

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Cancer Clusters – Five Things You Should Know

Living where I live, after growing up where I grew up, is probably akin to insane recklessness. The incidence of and mortality from breast cancer in Long Island is significantly higher than it is in the rest of the country. … Continue reading

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Pollution and Your Health

To celebrate a friend’s fortieth birthday, I spent this past weekend in the beautiful state of Montana. There, I split my time between taking in the champagne and taking in the view. The bubbly was good but the air was … Continue reading

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