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Can’t Stop Eating? Blame the Booze

Researchers try to figure out why we eat more when we drink. Continue reading

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10 Things to Keep in Your Beach Bag in case of an Emergency

You have your book, your sunscreen and a hat. Check. All set? Not if you have kids. You may need a bigger beach bag, but if you really want to be prepared, carry the following, so minor incidents don’t end up ruining your fun in the sun. Continue reading

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Five Simple Tips to Remember Sunscreen

You know it is important, but how can you remember to do it? Continue reading

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Dealing with Summer Bugs

School is out and it is time to put down the textbooks, close the laptops, and hit the great outdoors. Before we send our kids out exploring the world around them, we lather them with sunscreen and make sure they … Continue reading

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Bug Spray Safety Guide

You want to keep bugs off your family and out of your yard, but if the products you choose are intentionally harmful to crawling, buzzing and flying living things, are they be dangerous to you and the people you are … Continue reading

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Parents: Express Your Unconditional Love

My daughter was given a special award at her school the other day. Her father and I were beyond proud, and while celebrating with her at dinner, were practically gushing. She has always been a pleasure to parent, and in … Continue reading

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Your Kids Need More of This

Here are 10 simple tips to improve your children’s summer health. Continue reading

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10 Reasons Your Family Should Be Watching the Women’s World Cup

I grew up in Queens, New York in the 70s and 80s. In my neighborhood, no one played soccer, and the options for girls to play anything else was limited. I played softball for three years on concrete schoolyards. It … Continue reading

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