Longer Working Hours Increase Risk for Alcoholism

A study released yesterday in the British Medical Journal shows evidence a longer work week translates into a higher risk for problem drinking. Researchers looked at over 80 studies, with over 430,000 participants and found that people who work 49 hours or more per week, have a greater incidence of risky drinking. Results were adjusted for sex, age, and socioeconomic factors. The European Union Working Time Directive suggests an upper limit of 48 hours per week. I am sure this study will reinforce these standards. America doesn’t have such recommendations, and I assume U.S. companies will simply start serving vodka in the vending machines to reward their hardest working employees. To hell with addiction, bring on the profits.

In addition to highlighting yet another danger of all work, no play, the study helps to explain the white wine consumption among stay at home mothers. Now, if we could only shorten the parenting work week, think of all the livers we’d save!

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