Ebola — What You Still Need to Know

Luckily, the panic has started to subside. The news stories are dwindling and Ebola isn’t mentally and emotionally terrorizing the masses in our country. My daughter says kids are no longer shouting “Ebola” every time someone coughs or sneezes — so, that’s good. You may still be left wondering though, what was that all about? Was I at risk? Am I at risk still? How did this get so bad in West Africa, and is there hope for the thousands of people who are suffering and dying as we move onto a different headline?

Amidst all the hysteria, I was given a great opportunity to work on a serious, yet realistic, eBook. It is based on fact, not rumor. Take a look. You’ll be better informed, you’ll learn about what the ongoing need is, and, how you can help.

Understanding Ebola: What the CDC Wants You to Know Now

You can purchase the book at the following retailers:


Barnes and Noble


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