Healthy Eating is NOT Just for Weight Loss

I often talk about exercise and how important it is for health and not just for weight loss. The same is SO true of healthy eating. While I believe we all inherently know we should eat better, in our superficial culture, we are often so focused on the numbers on the scale, we overlook the real reason we should be eating well.

Eating well simplified:

More fruits and vegetables
More fiber
More whole grains
Lean proteins
Minimize sugar and sugar substitutes
Carbohydrates in moderation

Why? (Even if you don’t need to lose weight.)

– It is proven people who eat better are happier and have more energy.

– People who eat well, sleep better.

– Healthy eating promotes better workouts.

healthy– Good food promotes healthier immune systems.

— AND OF COURSE, healthy eating promotes improved long term health

Next time you are in the food store, focus on your overall health and the health of your family rather than calories, and your pantry will be stocked with the recipe for a happier, healthier, more energetic life.


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