5 Things You Won’t Want to Do to Ease Spring Allergies

It snowed today — again. My kids and I almost cried. We are done with the cold, done with the flurries, we are even almost done with Frozen. We want the spring to come in the worst way, and yet, with spring comes allergy season. For millions of American children, the beauty of the blooming flowers, the budding trees and the warm breezes comes with a price — itchy, watery eyes, runny noses, headaches and fatigue.

And, spring will come as it always does. After this incredibly rough northeast winter, you will want to fling your windows open, get them outside and relax in the sun. If your kids are allergy sufferers though, you have to do just the opposite.

The best way to combat spring allergies is to be proactive.

1. Keep your doors and windows shut. Keep pollen out as much as possible.

2. The same goes for the car. Keep the windows and vents shut tight.

3. Check the pollen count and try to keep your kids indoors when it is at its worst.

4. Clean everything that has been outdoors in hot water as soon as possible, this goes for clothes, little bodies and pets. Leave shoes at the door. Vacuum and dust often. I know, I know, now spring ain’t looking so great anymore.

5. With the doors and windows shut, you’ll be relying more on AC. Have your ducts and units cleaned prior to the first use, so potential allergens aren’t blown all over the home.

While you may want to reach out and embrace the warmer weather, if your kids suffer from seasonal allergies, you’ll have to hold spring at an arm’s length. Allergies can affect sleep, school performance and socializing. If you suspect your child has seasonal allergies, make an appointment with your doctor to discuss your options. Sometimes, a prescription nasal spray is enough to keep pollen at bay.

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