Sledding Warning

What is better than a snow day on a friday? My kids got this little gift last week and of course, the first thing they wanted to do was go sledding. As I get older, I am starting to worry more about even simple things like sliding down a hill. In the past couple of years, I have heard too many tragic stories about sledding accidents — everything from stitches to broken ankles to severe head injuries. Over 20,000 kids visit the ER each year because of sledding accidents.

1. Monitor where your children are sledding. Trees, rocks and other obstacles make for dangerous terrain.

2. Educate your children on the dos, but especially on the don’ts. Do not sled on or toward streets where cars are driving. Don’t pile too many kids on one sled. Don’t spin as you slide. Don’t stand on a sled. I know, I’m taking all the fun out of it, but concussions and broken legs are no fun either.

3. Have them wear a helmet, preferably a ski helmet, but even a bike helmet is better than nothing.

4. Never pull a sled behind a motorized vehicle.

5. Dress warmly, but avoid scarves and other clothing that can get caught or tangled, potentially causing strangulation or other accidents.

I used to be such a dare devil. Now, I ski the greens and sweat the small stuff. My poor family!

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