What’s Wrong with Carrie Mathison?

I just finished watching season two of Homeland, and I am on edge. I feel like someone is watching me, I keep seeing people who remind me of Brody, and I am expecting Saul to show up at my door with a straight jacket any second now. I’ve taken to chugging my white wine and am frequently muttering things like, “F*%k you, David,” and “That is so Abu Nazir.” Sometimes, I really get into what I am watching. I had to stop watching Game of Thrones because I kept looking for my baby dragons.

What is wrong with Carrie? The term bipolar gets thrown around a lot these days, but what does it really mean?

1. Bipolar is a psychiatric disorder characterized by extremes of moods. Patients go through periods of intense happiness with increased energy and other periods of depression and fatigue. In between, people with bipolar disorder usually just feel normal.

2. Bipolar is NOT another way to describe someone who is hot and cold with you. You know that woman who seems so happy to see you one day and the next, has no time for you? This is a whole different problem. That person is probably just working for a terrorist cell.

3. Bipolar disorder used to be known as manic depression. Symptoms of the manic phase are feelings of extreme hopefulness, excited speech, impulsivity, high sex drive and pinning a lot of different colored papers to a bulletin board. Symptoms of the depressive phase are irritability, sadness, thoughts of suicide, insomnia, fatigue and changes in appetite.

4. Men and women are equally likely to be diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Women spend more time in the depressive phase and cycle through the extremes more quickly. It can run in families, but the specific cause is unknown. Medication is the primary treatment.

5. The following is a list of ten famous people with bipolar disorder, not including Carrie because she is in the CIA, and I don’t want to blow our … hmm, I mean, her cover.

Russell Brand
Kurt Cobain
Rosemary Clooney
Charles Dickens
Macy Gray
Ernest Hemingway
Florence Nightingale
Jane Pauley
Axl Rose
Frank Sinatra 

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