A Whole New Year

The kids at a fabulous New Year's Eve wedding, circa 2am -- evidence that the apple does indeed stay very close to the tree!

I fought the battle of Christmas. Were you beside me in the trenches? If so, I hope you fared better than I. I have both physical and emotional scars. There are burns on my hands and arms from cooking under the influence, my nails resemble those of a toddler who just made a mud pie, there are, yet unexplained, bruises all over my legs, and a hematoma on my knee from falling on Christmas night. Yes, I actually fell down when it was all over. A combination of irresponsible — yet, amazing — shoes, exhaustion and a poorly placed robot sent me to the ground. I was tempted to just stay where I lay. But, I got myself up, brushed myself off, and proceeded to burn the candle at all four ends until this very morning. I am now a shell of the person I want to be and a poor excuse for the mother my kids want me to be. Time to get this bloated, liver-damaged train back on its track. Here are the five most common New Year resolutions. I am going to ride the tide this year. They all sound good to me.

1. Spend more time with family and friends

2. Get in shape

3. Lose weight

4. Quit smoking

5. Enjoy life more

I am going to start with #4. It should be fairly easy for me. My last cigarette was when I was 19. If your last cigarette was this morning, move this up your list to #1.

Moving forward, I’d love to write more about what is bothering you – whether it is a personal health issue, a concern about your child’s health or development, a parenting question, etc. Please contact me if there is anything you’d like to read/hear more about.

Happy AND Healthy 2012!!!

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