Drive with Care

I don’t know why, but this year, it seems darker than usual. I was driving last night, in the rain and could barely see. This may be a result of my aging, deteriorating body, or global warming, or perhaps, I am just losing my memory. Does night always fall so quickly in November? My girls are a year older. Their activities are starting later, so I am out and about at 5pm more than I was a year ago. Whatever the reason, today, I am more aware of the lack of light. Likely, you too are out and about. You are rushing home from work, rushing to a game, rushing to the store, rushing to work, rushing to a meeting. Possibly, like me, you are doing all this rushing with cell phone in hand,  screaming kids in the backseat, frozen food in the trunk and a pile of work waiting impatiently at home — in the dark.

Here are five reasons you should take a deep breath and slow down.

1. Kids are small.

2. Cars are big.

3. Accidents happen.

4. One moment can change the world.

5. Days are short, but life should be long.

Please take care.

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  • Sally

    Great message, Karen. I too have found these late afternoons terribly dark while picking up…We all need to take that deep breathe and slow it all down.