Pain and your mind

The biggest problem with accepting psychosomatic pain is that it starts with the term ‘psycho‘.  Conjuring up images of bloody shower scenes is probably not the best way to get someone to accept that their pain may be at least partly due to emotional problems or stressors.  The evidence is very good for the powerful role the mind plays in the experience of physical pain.  Think about it – some people can walk across hot coals (psychos).  Many don’t want to believe it, though.  After all, if your mind can make you have pain, why can’t it make you well?  Actually, sometimes it can, but we should save that for another day.  People think that if pain is not coming from a real injury or disease, then it is not real.  If you have pain that is not real, then you must be either crazy or weak.  I choose to look at it differently.  I think of it as a strength.  I am in constant awe of the human body.  The fact that my brain can produce pain in another part of my body, in an effort to warn me of my impending nervous breakdown, is just another example of how unbelievably complex and strong our bodies are.  Respect this, embrace this.  If you have pain, at least consider that it may be coming from above instead of below.  You may be shocked at how quickly your pain can subside when you address the real problem.

It has been theorized that:

1.  Pain in your lower back is a manifestation of financial worries.

2.  Pelvic pain in a woman is a manifestation of unresolved family issues.

3.  Joint pain is a manifestation of unresolved anger and guilt.

4.  Abdominal pain is a manifestation of fear and anxiety.

5.  Pain everywhere is a manifestation of depression.

You can stop rolling your eyes now … I can see you.  Take pause for a moment.  Your brain controls everything that your body does — both the things you can see (like the eye rolling) and the things you can’t see.  These are simply theories.  But, knowing the far-reaching power of your mind, is it really so crazy that stress in our lives can cause real physical pain?  It does not mean that you are weak, and perhaps means that your mind is especially strong.  Painfully is a terrible way to live.  It is at least worth your consideration that your physical pain may be the result of unresolved emotional issues or intense stress. It seems more psychotic to me to ignore all the possible causes of pain, thereby closing oneself off to possible treatments.  Open your mind, it needs some air.

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  • Carmela

    I can’t say it enough, how much i enjoy this blog. It is the second website i go to after i check my banking (so now i know why i have that lower back pain, hahaha). I love all of the helpful hints, but the one i started incorporating is the glass of water before my morning coffee. I really think my skin looks so much better! Of course there are more useful and beneficial pointers, but baby steps, right- wasn’t that another one? The new design is great also.