Post-holiday chill

We survived the holidays … barely.  I literally crawled over the finish line, antibiotic, motrin, and pomegranate martini on-board.  I hope that if you are reading this, you are in one piece and are not sick in bed or locked in a cell — padded or otherwise.  I am thoroughly enjoying doing very little other than drinking the wine, eating the leftovers, watching the dried leaves fall off the neglected poinsettias, and listening to the children bounce off the walls on their annual post-Santa high.  Still, I am looking forward to resuming YesFive entries next week.  If you have any downtime this week, I suggest reading or re-reading Cold Weather Prep (November 1st.)  This may be the most wonderful time of the year but it is also the most germy (which is not a word but should be) and sickly time of the year.   I am going to start a petition to celebrate Christmas in the summer.  Think how festive it could be — red and green ice pops, seven fish on the BBQ, carols on the beach!  Jesus won’t mind a summer birthday.  He isn’t bringing cupcakes into school anyway.

Hope you have great plans for December 31st!  Happy New Year!

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