Five movies that make me happy for different reasons …

Ironically, I forgot to write this last Wednesday, so I am squeezing it in right before I tackle memory loss.

1.  Old School – for a good laugh.  It is just SO good when it hits your lips.

2.  Schindler’s List – for some real perspective.  Sometimes being reminded that the world can be unspeakably cruel and unfair is like a good slap in the face when I am hysterical over the little things.  Nothing can make me get a grip on reality like the little red coat.

3.  It’s a Wonderful Life – for reinforcing life’s priorities — family, faith, character and angels getting their wings.

4.  Shawshank Redemption – for a lesson in hope.  I don’t know the exact quote but he climbed through a river of sh#$t and came out clean on the other side.  How many of us can say that?

5.  Pretty Woman or Rudy – for a good old-fashioned, beat the odds, success story.  Depending on your sex or preference (or your sexual preference) one of these has to give you a little lift.  It is slightly embarrassing that “prostitute gets the guy” makes me feel good but I cannot change the channel until Richard Gere makes that corny climb up her fire escape.  It is also somewhat pathetic that I get chills when Sean Astin gets carried off the field.  He only made one sack after all and I don’t think he’s been in any other movies, but what can I say?  Who am I to argue with something that brightens my day?  The sun is going down early this month.

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