Boot Camp Lite

Turkey day is only ten days away and any day that is affectionately known by what you put in your mouth is kind of a problem.  I know that crash dieting doesn’t work and since here in the Northeast it is boot and sweater season, I’m not too concerned with my Chardonnay induced back fat.  I would, though, like to feel like a healthy human being going into the holiday season so I am dedicating this week to feeling better.  If I end up more comfortable in my skinny jeans…bonus.  I usually ask people to join me in a toast or in a hot tub so bear with me as I am breaking new ground here.  Join me in a “getting healthier week!”  We’ll try five steps that all those crazy fit people say will work and on Friday, we will either be happy that we did it or we will be able to say that it is all a crock of sh…oup and never have to do it again.  Either way, we win.  Are you with me??

1.  Drink 64 ounces of water each day — it seems like a lot but actually it is only a little more than a half gallon.
Tips to make it happen …
– get one of those tree-hugger water bottles and carry it around with you
– keep a pitcher of water in the fridge.  Add lemons, oranges and/or cucumber to give it some flavor.
– at the beginning of the day, put 8 hair ties or rubber bands on your left wrist.  Move one to your right wrist each time you finish 8 ounces (or just do 4 and move one when you finish a 16 oz. bottle).  If you are out of the house and don’t want people to wonder why you are trying to bring back the Madonna rubber bracelet craze, put 8 pennies in your left pocket and move them to your right.
– drink water out of a wine glass.  For some reason, it just goes down better.

2.  Three meals a day, no snacks — avoid any snacking, it is only one week.  If you are feeling hungry, drink some water or a diet beverage before you allow yourself you eat something.  Thirst is often mistaken for hunger.  Don’t eat anything off of anyone else’s plate.

3.  Flip-flop lunch and dinner — eat a bigger lunch and a smaller dinner.  There is no reason that you can’t have something on a big plate at lunch and something on a small plate at dinner.  After dinner, brush your teeth.  It will prevent you from grazing.

4.  Do an extra 20-30 minutes of exercise a day — even if you normally exercise, do a little more.  Try to break out of your comfort zone and try something different.  Take a new class (at lots of studios, a first trial class is free), go for a run or a hike, have a crazy dance party with your kids.  Just move a little more every day.  Feel free to drop and give me twenty at any time.
This is a painful step for me but not as painful as #5 … I almost can’t even say it.

5.  Avoid alcohol — there, I said it.  But I’m not satan, I know that the days are long and your fuse is short.  If you are feeling like you must have something, pour something clear.  For instance, vodka has no carbs, which is odd because it is made from potatoes but nonetheless, it is true.  More on this tomorrow.

Listen, I don’t like this any better than you do but we can do this thing!   Then next week, when we are sampling our sweet potatoes and pumpkin cheesecake, we won’t feel nearly as guilty or bloated.  By the way, bloat is what I have decided to call my fat from now on.  It sounds so much more temporary and reversible and I like the fact that it rhymes with float which makes me feel light and weightless.  Goodbye bloat, see you the day after Thanksgiving.
Tomorrow, more inspiring thoughts and the story on carbs.

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