Obesity and what makes it an epidemic

A study came out last week reporting that we are approaching an obesity rate in this country of 42%.  I read it right after I dumped all the trick or treat bags into one enormous overflowing bucket.  I was really proud of my kids this year.  I mean they did some serious hustling for all that sugar, preservatives and fat.  They were undeterred by cold temperatures, wind chill, uncomfortable costume footwear, overall exhaustion and ghosts and goblins.  Bleary eyed, they came home with the fruits of their labor grinning ear to ear.  I could see the cavities forming before my eyes so I wolfed down a half a dozen Snickers so they wouldn’t have to — that’s the kind of unselfish mom I am.  It was a gluttonous day.  Thankfully, it only happens annually.  What are we doing wrong the other 364 days a year?  I don’t remember hearing anything about obesity as a kid.  Some people weighed more than others.  We knew junk food was bad and exercise was probably better than not exercising.  We had the Jane Fonda work-out album in our collection right next to REO Speedwagon and Air Supply but our eating and working out did not define our lives.   It is odd to me that in the same years that fitness has become an multi-billion dollar industry, obesity rates have climbed to epidemic levels.   What went wrong?  What is obesity?  When and why did it become an epidemic?  Who is at risk?  Stay tuned this week for the skinny on obesity.

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