Quiet down!

I thought it would be fun to finish out the week with five things that give me a headache.  I was tempted to just write my kids’ names, but that will cost me thousands in therapy down the road.  As I sit here, trying to narrow down my list which is longer than Santa’s, I realize that this is not fun — this is depressing.  I am an old lady and worse, I am a crabby old lady.  I used to be young and fun.  I WAS Bob (from the cartoon).  Don’t worry Dad, I don’t have any tattoos that you can see.  If my college roommates are reading this, they will agree … either we were Bob or at the very least, we dated him.  Now, it takes a lot less than a crazy night to give me a splitting headache.

1.  Club music — I want to like it and I do in very small doses.  But, put me anywhere near a velvet couch and a $250 bottle of vodka and I want to run screaming for the nearest exit sign.

2.  White wine and I have a very tumultuous relationship.  I LOVE him and no matter how many times he hurts me, I keep going back for more.  My husband has suggested that I stop drinking it like it is Gatorade and the pain won’t be so bad … but, it is just so good once it hits your lips …

3.  Children.

4.  3D Movies – why is every movie made now in 3D?  I get it — the technology is very cool and the glasses are a lot cooler than they used to be.  It still gives me a headache though, and worse, it drains my wallet.  It used to cost about $60 to take my kids to the theater.  Tack on the 3D charge and somebody is not going to college.

5.  Halloween – the 31st is still two days away and I am thoroughly exhausted.  This is worse than Christmas.  I run around like a lunatic to make sure that costumes are sewn, wigs are bought, candy is ready, house is scary and pumpkins are carved.  The kids dress up for every event before the actual day, which adds hours in costume maintenance.  I have already gained 5 pounds because oddly, all the trick-or-treaters who ring my bell like the same candy that I do and no one buys me a present.  I may give out Excedrin to the parents this Sunday.

Have a spooky weekend!  Happy Halloween!

(Dad, I really don’t have a tattoo but just in case you don’t believe me, re-read the signs of stroke in yesterday’s blog.)

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