Colorectal cancer

All men and women are created equal in the Constitution and, unfortunately, in their colon.  The risk for getting colorectal cancer is equal in men and women with women having a slightly higher risk of colon cancer and men having a higher risk of rectal cancer.  This type of cancer arises from the lining of your large intestine.  Do you remember your anatomy?  Food travels: plate, mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine (the long, wormy, skinny one in the middle), colon (the fat one that wraps around the outside), rectum, toilet.  Colorectal cancers are the third most common cancer in men and the fourth most common in women.  As you can see from the facts that follow, we are all at risk and while you may not yet be at an age when you need medical screening, you need to be aware of the signs and symptoms.  If you need a colonoscopy and you have never had one before, do not stress.  According to everyone I have ever spoken to, the prep is the worst part because you have to stay close to your toilet … you’ve probably had days like that after a good night out.  Make sure there are some good games on TV.  You will be sedated through the whole exam and will not remember a thing.  You’ve probably also had nights like that.  So, no big deal … make the call.

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