Be Patient

For years, I have proudly lived by the mantra, “Do what I say, not what I do.”  At a fork in the road of life, I always knew which path was the correct one but I usually chose the one that led to the party.  I think this journey toward the pounding beat and bright lights is finally catching up with the quickly aging me and until I get botox, I should really be avoiding the bright lights anyway.  I have been feeling generally unwell of late; sort of hungover from life – headache, vague queasiness, fatigue.  I was feeling so bad in fact, that I performed a very difficult scientific experiment wherein I had no wine for one night and whew, still felt awful the next day.  After I got over my immense relief at not having to blame my beloved (wine), I decided to heed my own advice.   I reread what I had written last week on stress and while some of it rang true, I never believe anything I read on the internet.  So last Friday, I bit the bullet and went for my first Physical Exam in over ten years.  I have seen doctors during this time; I have had the flu and I have had children and I have had sinus infections.  But, shame on me, I have not had a complete physical.  I didn’t have a doctor and I didn’t want to go to a friend or colleague.  I had to start from scratch and I found the whole experience to be somewhat stressful and annoying.  This week I am going to share some thoughts and tips on the Doctor-Patient Relationship … when it works and why it doesn’t.  If you don’t have a primary care doctor, you should get one.  I already feel so much better getting my clean bill of health that I was able to spend the weekend skipping gleefully toward that pounding beat (although I did request that they turn down the lights.)

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